Circle, Montana 2011

Circle, Montana, USA 2011

It started as a challenge, a joke, a fantasy. Then came the plane ticket. Next thing you know we were traveling 29 hours to Circle, Montana,home to 615 souls, in the middle of (flat) nothing. It could not have been more depressing at first: the dead candies under the beds at the motel, the insistent rain, the shut down buildings, the meth warnings, and white people everywhere! Locals probably still talk about us: the 4 foreigners (women!) crazy enough to come all the way to watch some kids ride a horse. We could not have been more visible while trying to take pictures. Surely, our bright yellow fishing gear did not help. But after a day covered in mud, looking like a plastic traffic light felt like a dream. By Sunday, after seeing us face the elements for 3 days, people did not mind us being in their face anymore, and Andrea started working. 3 days of pure life, bad meals, wet socks, pictures and great companions!

Text & Photo by Birgitte Grignet 2011

Junior High Rodeo http://www.montanayra.com

Date: May 16, 2013