“The Wrong Road Trip”

Publisher: common purpose / bookdummypress, New York, 2012

Page: 84 pp

Size:  5¾x8¾” 

On the road with fellow photographers, Morten Andersen and Antoine D’Agata, Stern resurrects her experience from 1991 in her new limited-edition book, THE WRONG ROADTRIP. Stern grabs moments on the fly without premeditation or a plan. Available light is a scarce commodity on the road and at night, but borrowing from the un-steady glare of taillights or a motel table lamp Stern sheds light on her companions and her surroundings. The roadtrip conjures up images of new frontiers, but this collection of photographs, with their raw and visceral simplicity take the viewer inward, into the photographer’s personal journey of self-doubt and discovery.

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Date: May 11, 2013